Static VAR Compensator (SVC) Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Substation Division (SSD) sells a wide variety of high performance, power electronics, based systems ranging from transmission system voltage levels of 69kV to 765kV, with typical overall ratings from 50Mvar to 800Mvar.

69kV to 765kV

50 Mvar to 800 Mvar


SSD has delivered numerous SVC and STATCOM systems over a wide range of capacities and voltage levels for customers throughout North America

Static VAR Compensators (SVC) System Description

The Static VAR Compensator systems are designed and engineered for each customer installation, based upon the transmission needs of any given project. SSD turnkey services provides a complete solution for each project that provides a complete team of professionals from pre-sales discussions through post commissioning customer service and warranty support. The SSD SVC Systems include:

The SVC systems installed by SSD range from 115 to 765 kV and range from -100 to -400 inductive MVar and range from +50 to +600 capacitive Mvar


An SVC system is a FACTS (flexible AC transmission system) solution. The SVC System is designed to control the AC voltage over distance whereas the AC power transfer between two AC systems will experience varied impedance over the length of the line. This results in instability of voltage as either an overvoltage situation (current lagging voltage) or a heavy load condition (current leading voltage).


The causes for voltage variation over distances include transmission line defects, integration of unpredictable generation (such as renewable energy), retiring generation, sudden increases in load concentration and general load characteristic changes over time.