System Features and Benefits

Mitsubishi Electric SSD SVC-Diamond® STATCOM key performance value proposition is a direct result of the designed number of submodules connected in series. Through switching combinations of the sub-modules by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), the output waveform is “built” through a large number of precise, small switching steps. This process results in a near perfect sine wave output.

The amplitude of the STATCOM’s AC output is controllable to compensate for the voltage conditions measured on the high voltage bus. The STATCOM’s reactive output capacity is directly proportional to system voltage. As a result of this feature, the STATCOM has superior low-voltage output capacity compared to an SVC..

This results in a list of features representing unparalleled value to the power transmission customer.

  • Near-Perfect Sine Wave Output
  • Typically, No Harmonic Filtering
  • Low Losses Due to Low Switching Frequency
  • Standard Modules (Cells) Optimally Connected in Series
  • Economical Design
  • Compact Size
  • Open Rack Design for Easier Maintenance