System Features and Benefits

SSD HVDC-Diamond® High Voltage Systems begin by understanding that this technology is rigorously tested and modeled in a variety of application scenarios at the Japan Itami Works facility. where a 50 MW Verification facility was constructed September 2018 and commissioned December 2018.

Using actual submodules, valves and control/protection/communication systems, MELCO has rigorously committed to long term, continuous operation and performance testing under simulated normal and abnormal conditions

50 MW BtB Verification Facility in-service at Itami Works

Commissioned December 2018

Construction completed September 2018

As with the entire SSD FACTS Solution, HVDC is exemplified by Mitsubishi Electric high quality and flexible design via the SSD turnkey professional services organization. Some of the differentiated and high-quality features that our customers benefit by are as follows.

  • Inherent ability to supply and control MW and reactive power (MVAR) simultaneously
  • Power Reversal with no voltage change or other limitations
  • Black Start Capability
  • Operation with very weak AC system strength
  • Uses Standard Main Transformers
  • No Harmonic Filters required

SSD HVDC value proposition conveys to our customers the strong commitment made, above and beyond the individual products and technologies. As HVDC is a designed system, the very nature implies that the quality and reliability for the long-term operation of this system involves significantly more than the nature of the physical electronics. It involves the reputation and customer service performance attributed to all Mitsubishi companies and the expectation that brings to end user customers. It represents that SSD turnkey services organization and its ability to successfully accomplish complex and large projects for our C&I and power utility customers. It represents excellence in customer service and warranty offerings.

  • System Engineering and Maintenance Support
    • Engineering, Project Management, System Analysis, Testing and Commissioning expertise all based out of Warrendale, PA
    • FACTS Systems Engineers assigned to each unique bid opportunity with the task of following each order once received
    • Localized post installation support and maintenance
  • All Engineering and Construction Drawing will be per Owner’s standards
    • MELCO controls the sourcing and quality of the enabling technology
    • Submodules (IGBT, DC Cap, Bypass Switch), Controls, and Cooling System