System Features and Benefits

The platform is compact but yet scalable to allow for handling large amounts of I/O data. It offers the same programming environment and takes advantage of completely modular hardware. The customization potential of the Mitsubishi system is enormous, with various ways to expand the functionality all without ever leaving a common platform.

Very high speed execution of instructions, with the latest designs offering sub-nanosecond performance. The increased bus speed and the ability to synchronize multiple I/O in a high-speed system deliver a much more responsive control system.

In comparison to other Control/Protection Platforms, PLC based system are much less visible to the outside world, which has traditionally offered a layer of insulation against malicious intent. In addition, the platform enables programs to be password protected, with different levels of access granted to different levels of users. Remote access preferences can also be defined, e.g. access granted only to specific IP addresses, thus protecting the software even in heavily networked applications.

Every system, regardless of platform, requires routine maintenance; perhaps to manage hardware or software upgrades, as part of scaling up the system as the application evolves, or, to swap out faulty component. The ease with which this can be accomplished is a major feature of the Mitsubishi system. Programs and configuration settings for all connected components can be stored to SD card via a slot in the CPU, simplifying any maintenance requirements and record-keeping. If the CPU itself were to fail, a new unit could be snapped onto the backplane and the original program loaded direct from a bootable backup on the SD card, getting the system back up and running straight away.

Mitsubishi Electric SSD provides a completely turnkey solution for FSC systems. The design begins with SSD structural, civil and power engineering. FSC must be designed, in series on a transmission line, where the equipment is fully insulated for the system voltage. SSD turnkey services engineering expertise is uniquely positioned to integrate site selection, voltage insulation, overvoltage protection, bypass switching and ground based protection to achieve a safe and high performance FSC installation. Where others may not be as proficient with respect to multi-dimensional engineering, SSD’s engineering and project management teams are truly superior.

MEPPI’s basic design is a gapless design for high reliability and availability coupled with low maintenance and future costs.

  • Design & Study Capabilities:
  • System dynamic stability analysis (swing currents)
  • Line breaker TRV analysis
  • SSR screening study
  • Line protection relaying coordination
  • Insulation Coordination
  • MOV design and rating
  • Capacitor design and rating
  • Current-limiting and damping analysis
  • Structural and Seismic analysis